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What Is The RASHA?


The RASHA is a true scalar plasma energy device with the most advanced Base 12 “consciousness coherence” frequency collection. These frequencies  protect, enhance, and harmonize the Autonomic Nervous System by relieving stressors, transmuting negative habitual patterns and emotional trauma, while supporting relaxation, cellular communication and promotes protection from environmental factors.

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Why Choose The RASHA?

In order to understand how the RASHA works we need to understand how the body works.

The human body is like a computer that runs on electricity. That is why such tests like EKG (measures the electrical activity of the brain) are used in modern day medicine.

The RASHA is a quantum consciousness-coherence technology that harmonizes our body’s energy systems. It emits specific Base-12 frequencies that interact with your body at a cellular and quantum level. It’s like tuning your body to its optimal frequency, leading to improved health outcomes. When you listen to the RASHA frequencies through your ears and feel the frequencies through your body, your cells and energies are reminded of their optimal resonance. This allows you to let go of patterns or experiences that obstruct the flow of energy and restores the organic operation of the physical body.

The RASHA’s scalar energy, when harnessed with the base 12 frequencies, effectively harmonizes the brain and communicates with our own DNA, sending corrective messages. This impacts the cells on a quantum level, allowing for the repatterning of our morphogenetic fields, surrounding every cell, organ and system of the body. This unlocks and restores the body’s original human potential.

Benefits Of The RASHA

- quiets your busy mind and nervous system
- lessens negative thinking patterns, increases inner happiness and joy
- strengthens your ability to self heal
- brain optimization/balancing, mental clarity, creativity and focus
- Sha’Ka’Ra’ (Chakra) balancing
- amplifies your energetic vitality
- improves sleep
- cellular boost
- energy boost
- life and performance optimization

What Does A RASHA Session Involve?

Setting an intention while on the RASHA is a key component in achieving self-empowered healing. As this is a meditative, conscious-coherence tool, we suggest all clients call to mind what they are looking to alleviate/achieve, regardless of its terms (mind, body or spirit) before and during their upgrade.
The client lies in a zero gravity position with eyes covered and a head set on. While listening to the base 12 frequencies, they also feel the frequencies through the chair.

Is The RASHA Right For You?

Ideal clients take their healing journey seriously.  The RASHA is the amplifier for powerful, self-induced transformations.  Whether you are an athlete seeking peak performance, a business professional looking for mental clarity, or an individual seeking deeper spiritual connections, the RASHA will help you gain a deeper connection to your inner self and the world around you.  It’s ideal for those ready to take the leap into the world of quantum wellness and get back to the OneTruYOU.

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