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Transmute Emotional Trauma

Updated: Jun 11

What is Trauma from a quantum morphogenic field physics perspective? Which is a multi-vector or multidimensional perspective.  It is very simple.

Emotions are electromagnetic energy in motion.

Trauma is an experience or event that holds a strong emotional charge, mostly negative, that is imprinted within your personal morphogenic field encryption lattice.  The cumulative sum of the frequency vibration of the core encryption lattice at any given moment is called the Base Pulse Rhythm, or BPR.  It is the BPR of the personal morphogenic field encryption lattice that draws a manifest form to the cumulative energetic consequence corresponding to the BPR of its encryption lattice.

Now everyone has their own BPR within their personal morphogenic field encryption lattice.  The question is, how does one TRANSMUTE these electromagnetic distortions from our personal morphogenic fields?


Higer oscillating base 12 frequencies will always transmute higher vibrational electromagnetic energy.  

This is simple natural law of multi-dimensional physics.  The RASHA base 12 scalar plasma technology transmits Base 12 frequencies via our eternal-life ration scalar coils into the morphogenetic fields or our intron DNA.  By doing so it not only transmutes higher vibrational emotional trauma, but it re-encrypts our intron DNA with base 12 mathematical code for eternal life potentiality.

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