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Start your transformative Quantum Wellness journey today!

Why OneTruYou and the RASHA?

Imagine a world where your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing are in perfect balance. In our fast paced life, many individuals struggle with their energetic imbalance. Stress, health issues and lack of mental clarity are common challenges. At OneTruYou we use the revolutionary RASHA technology to help individuals transform their lives and achieve a balanced and enhanced state of being.

There are less than 180 RASHA providers in the world and we are honored to be one of the RASHA Guardians in Canada.

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Our Philosophy

At OneTruYou we use the RASHA to help realign, balance and harmonize one's energetic and physical state. The RASHA helps calm one's autonomic nervous system and individuals experience a profound sense of relaxation and stress/trauma release.  This strengthens the body's natural self-healing abilities and enhances one's focus, creativity and cognitive function.
Our mission at OneTruYou is to give your body a hard reset. When you listen to the Base 12 Frequencies, your body is reminded of the correct frequencies for optimal operation helping you to lead an optimal healthy life.
Whether you are an individual seeking stress relief and mental clarity, or you are seeking a higher spiritual connection, OneTruYou wants to help you achieve your transformational goals
RECLAIM YOUR POWER and become the best version of you - OneTruYou

Our Packages

- Identify the intricate imbalances and blockages that may be holding you back from optimal well-being and personal growth. Generally 12 sessions are needed per concern, however many challenges store the same core issues, so often many different concerns are resolved during the first 12 sessions.

- The recommended initial program is 12 sessions - 3  sessions per week for the first two weeks and then two per week for the next 3 weeks.

- Some users may require more RASHA sessions depending on the circumstances. Everyone and their ability to self heal is different.

-    The intensive reset includes up to 6 -  60 to 90 minute sessions over a 4 – 5 day period.  This is a great way to either reboot your system or give you a jump start on your transformative quantum wellness journey.  Accommodations are available, but space is limited.

- All clients receive the OneTruYou handbook which outlines how to make the most of your RASHA sessions and make lifestyle choices to enhance your well-being.


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Package of 12

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Intensive Reset - 4-5 Day

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Success Stories

Girl With Headphones
"I lived with anxiety, depression and PTSD for over 13 years. I never had
control over my thoughts or emotions, and I struggled living my normal
life. After attending an intensive RASHA program with Denise, which
included 5 RASHA sessions, I found a clarity and peace that I thought
was gone forever. I am able to focus and navigate potential triggers
better. I have found a renewed zest for life, and hip pain that I had
suffered from for years, has also seemed to miraculously disappear."

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Wiarton/Hanover, ON

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